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What is seaweed used for?
From time immemorial, human beings have used seaweed. Its diversity and properties make it appropriate to be used as food, as well as in agriculture, cosmetics and medicine.

Nowadays we know that prehistoric man already appreciated the beneficial properties of seaweed as food: healthy, tasty and nutritious. Moreover, some societies incorporated seaweed into their everyday diet throughout history, thus becoming a very common and traditional ingredient in big areas of Asia, Chile and Brittany, among the most well known ones.

In the food industry, the use of seaweed extracts, such as E-400 and E-405, is very common and widely used in the manufacture of products like yogurts, jams, etc.

In agriculture, the use of seaweed is traditional in coastal areas. Farmers harvest the seaweed washed ashore (seaweed left on the beach by the sea water) to use it in vegetable crop fields.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries also benefit from seaweed. In the production of cosmetics the use of certain seaweed extracts is very widespread in order to improve the mechanical qualities of the products. But, even more interesting, is the fact that seaweed contains molecules that activate the beneficial effects of certain cosmetics.

In the pharmaceutical industry, seaweed is used in the manufacture of medicines. Currently, researchers are studying molecules present in seaweed, which are active in tumours, processes of cholesterol regulation and in other diseases and common disorders.
Besides its healing benefits, seaweed is very healthy and, by adding it into our diet, we can prevent the appearance of numerous physiological disorders.

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