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Why Eating Seaweed?
Although not all the different species of seaweed we can find on our coasts can be used as food, there is a great deal of them which can be eaten and are sold for human consumption all around the world. It is a new universe to discover.

We eat seaweed basically because it is very healthy and nutritious, as we will now explain.

Seaweed is very rich in vitamins and minerals, elements that are scarce in our daily diet. Some of these minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium or iodine, are found in large quantities in seaweed and fulfil a high percentage of the recommended daily intake. Seaweed also provides us with diverse and numerous vitamins, such as Vitamins A, C or B, so scarce, yet necessary nowadays.

Some seaweed is very rich in proteins, so its inclusion in vegetarian diets and in diets poor in animal proteins is highly recommended.

Seaweed is also rich in fibre and phycocolloids, substances that help intestinal motility and satisfy hunger, making it suitable for weight loss diets.

Finally, seaweeds low fat and carbohydrate input makes it recommendable in low-calorie diets.

As well as being healthy and nutritious, seaweed also has flavours, textures and colours that make it a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen.
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